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    Power Switch 30A not stabilized electronic magnetic switch

    Our Price:  39.00€

    The PowerSwitch30A is an electronic switch specifically developed for High Power installations and it is perfect for scale models, maxi and jet where the use of powerful servos requires a very high current. The main characteristic of this product is the low voltage loss under load; the reliable system controlled by a microprocessor, which manages turning on and off by button (the same as ESC line) and the battery checker with memory of the minimum voltage complete its main features.

    It is at its best as switch in HV installations, but it can be used also for power supplying the control units of gasoline engine.

    It comes with input and output MPX type connectors (original MPX) with security clips.  

    Technical Details:

    - Operating voltage: 4V -12,6V

    - Power source: 1x 2S LiFe, 2S Li.Poli, 5S Nixx

    - Current drain: 15mA (in ON state) / 140uA (in OFF state)

    - ON/OFF by button

    - NOT stabilized output voltage 30A (50A peak)

    - Voltage loss 55mV @ 10A

    - Dimensions: 52x23x20mm (External panel 69x25mm)

    - Weight: 17gr

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