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    Two servos connection kit with 2x UNI F and MPX M 100cm leght

    Our Price:  19.90€

    Cable for the connection of 2 servos between fuselage and wing or between different segments of the model (fuselage-fuselage, wing-wing). It is made using only twisted silicon servo wire of 0,5 mm2 section and it is the best solution for connecting also very powerful digital servos.

    Connection to the receiver or to the control unit is assured by UNI type connectors with gold plated pins, while at the other end there is a MPX connector, also with gold plated pins.

    Techinical details:

    - Number of servos and lenght: 2x 100cm

    - Fuselage/wing connector: MPX Male (orginal Multiplex)

    - MPX pins resistance: 0,002 Ohm

    - MPX pins continous current: 35A

    - Connectors to receiver: UNI F

    - UNI pins resistance: 0,031 Ohm/m

    - UNI pins continous current: 3A (5A 2min / 8A peak)

    - Servo wire resistence: 0,034 Ohm/m

    - Working temperature: from -40°C to +105°C


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