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    Photocoupled electronic Kill Switch SRC Opto

    Our Price:  30.00€

    The Photocoupled SRC Switch is a programmable electronic switch controlled by the receiver ideal for managing the spark ignition of gasoline engines. This device joins an electronic switch controlled by the receiver and a photocoupler that assures the galvanic insulation between the receiver and the engine ignition.

    So you will able to control the powering on/off of the ignition with a two position switch of your transmitter.

    It doesn't need any setting, you have only to connect it to the receiver and it is yet ready for using with a two positions switch of your transmitter.

    It is possible to adapt it to your needs setting a different switching point, the normal or reversed modality and the fail safe function when signal is lost.

    You can purchase separately item 90010705: external blue LED for seeing the SRC status out of the model

    Technical Details:

    - Operating voltage: 5.2V - 8.4V

    - Current drain: 10mA

    - Switch with not stabilized output up to 6A

    - Programmable switching point and reverse mode

    - Programmable Fail Safe for loss of signal

    - Dimensions: 32x16mm

    - Weight: 10gr

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