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    Short Circuit Protector 70A

    Our Price:  21.00€

    Short Circuit Protector 70A is a circuit for protecting electronic devices from short circuits and/or overcurrent. Connected to the battery, it carry out the function of self-resetting fuse in case of short circuit or malfunctioning of the device supplied.

    It happens very often that, due to malfunctioning of pump systems (for smoke or for refuelling) or blocking of starter motors, current load is so high to cause dangerous fire starting of the devices or of the batteries themselves.

    The SCP70A is the right accessory for reducing to a minimum risks arising from the use of Lipo batteries.

    It comes with MPX connectors.

    After using always disconnect from the battery.

    Technical details:

    - Operating voltage: 5V - 34V

    - Power supply: Lixx, Nixx, Pb

    - Peak current: 70A

    - Voltage drop: 120mV @ 20A

    - Short circuit current: 130A

    - Current drain: 600uA @ 7.4V (about 400mA in a month)

    - Dimensions: 48x17x8mm

    - Weight: 7gr

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