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    RBattery rendundancy battery system

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    RBattery is an electronic circuit which allows you to manage two batteries for supplying receiver, servos and any other device needing a redundant power supply.

    It is ideal whenever you want to increase security by creating the redundancy of the power sources.

    You have to connect two batteries of the same technology to the battery inputs. The output provides the redundant power supply. You can use battery of the type LiPo, LiFe or NiXx.

    It comes with input and output connectors MPX type (Original Multiplex) and it is equipped with a light indicator showing when the device is on.

    It bears continuous current up to 20A and peak current up to 40A with a loss of 0,3V between input and output.

    ATTENTION: the output voltage is not stabilized

    Technical details:

    - Peak current up to 40A

    - Voltage loss 0,3V @ 10A

    - Dimensions 29x27x13 mm

    - Weight 9g

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