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    Sequencer with 5 servo/valve outputs

    Our Price:  55.00€

    Programmable sequencer with five outputs, able to control servos and electronic valves. You have to connect it to a channel on the receiver contolled by an on/off switch. So you can manage indipendently: waiting time, movement time, end point positions and rotation sense for each output. It is equipped with filters and protection against short circuit for each output. You can activate a "Security Control" system in order to check the completed and right movement of the landing gear. It's perfect to manage in a safe and realistic way opening and closing of landing gear and doors. Totally programmable through three buttons and a display onboard. The programming is easier thank to eight presetted sequences that you can modify according to your needs.

    Technical Details:

    - Operating voltage: 5.2V - 9V

    - 8 pre-stored sequences

    - Setting of end points for each door

    - Signal frame rate accepted: from 7 to 25msec

    - Signal steps: 4096

    - Current drain: 40mA (display OFF)

    - Protection against short circuit for each servo output

    - Dimensions: 52x36x10mm

    - Weight: 18gr

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