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    Programmable voltage regulator PVReg15A

    Our Price:  35.00€

    Linear voltage regulator with programmable output (from 5 to 7,4V) and peak current up to 15A. The new line of voltage regulators, named “PV Regulator”, is the natural evolution of previous 6A and 12A voltage regulators with the aim of better performances and functionality.

    It is equipped with an integrated electronic switch to power on and off receiver, servos or other devices connected to the output. Powering on and off is done plugging/unplugging the jumper into the pins on the device. PV Regulator is ideal for regulating the voltage of receiver, servos or other devices such as gyros, electronic engine ignitions and light boxes. A steady and safe supply voltage allows servos and other devices to work always at their best. You can regulate the output voltage in a linear way from 5 to 7,4V moving the selector with a screwdriver.

    It accepts 5-6 cells Nixx, 2 cells LiFe or 2 cells LiPoli batteries.

    It comes with jumper and original MPX connectors (six poles) both for input and output. Weight is only 14g.

    Technical Details:

    - Operating voltage: 5V - 9V

    - Power source: 2S Lixx or 5-6S Nixx

    - Stabilized output voltage from 5V to 7,4V 15A peak

    - Maximum dissipable power: 10W for 60sec @ 20°C

    - Voltage loss: 150mV

    - Dimensions: 50x23x22mm

    - Weight: 14gr connectors included

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