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    Micro voltage regulator 5V 1.6A

    Our Price:  19.00€

    Tiny 5V 1,6A voltage regulator. Weight is only 3 gr.

    Ideal to obtain 5V stabilized tension starting from a 2S LiPo or LiFe battery. It bears a maximum current peak of 1,6A.

    Its best use is on little gliders such as those of HLG and F3K category or any application where weight and small size are fundamental.

    Technical details:

    - Operating voltage: 5.2V - 9V

    - Power source: 2S Lixx or 5-6S Nixx

    - Stabilized output voltage 5V 1.6A peak

    - Maximum dissipable power: 4W for 10sec @ 20°C

    - Voltage loss: 0.25V @ 1A

    - Dimensions: 20x12x3mm

    - Weight: 3gr

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