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    Electronic switch ESC CAR

    Our Price:  19.00€

    The ESC Car is an electronic switch with button specific for RC cars (but can be used in many other cases).

    It has the same dimensions of standard mechanical switch but it is more durable and it is not subject to oxidation and bad contacts for a superior safety. It is designed to be always on, even in case of failure.

    It is very easy to install and, having the same dimensions of the traditional mechanical switch, you can take advantage of the same placing and the same fixing holes.

    It is provided with 0,5qmm silicon wires and BEC connector to the battery and UNI connector to the receiver

    The button has IP67 safety degree, that means it is protected from dusty and water.

    It is very easy to use: keep the button pressed for at least two seconds for turning it on / turning it off.

    When off current drain is very low (about 300mA/30 days).

    Technical Details:

    - Operating voltage: 5V - 16.8V

    - Power source: 2-3S Lixx or 4-5S Nixx

    - Current drain: 6.5mA (in ON state) / 400uA (in OFF state)

    - Voltage loss 35mV @ 6A

    - ON/OFF by button

    - LED indicating ON state

    - Dimensions: 26x12x10mm

    - Weight: 7gr

    DOWNLOAD: Usage Manual

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