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    Servo control unit UniServo7 Adjust

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    UniServo7 Adjust is a programmable box for managing servos and it is specifically developed for using with UniPower2B and UniPower3b power supply boxes (code 90010601 and 90010602). It handles in input seven channels from receiver and in output up to eleven servos. Outputs 1,2,3 and 4 allow you to program center, end points and rotation direction of servos (servo matching system). It must be supplied by a box of UniPower series and it accepts an input voltage from 5V to 8,4V.

    Servos are directly supplied at the same input voltage as supplied by UniPower; you can regulate the voltage to receiver at a value between a minimum of 5V up to a maximum same of the input voltage from UniPower; you can set the receiver voltage turning the selctor on the back side of the box by a screwdrive.

    UniServo7 Adjust is provided with active filters and protection against short circuit for each of the 11 outputs for servos. The Servo Matching system (integrated into channel 1,2,3 and 4) allows you to program central position, end points and direction of the corresponding servos. Programming is very easy thanks to the buttons on the back side of the unit.

    Technical Details:

    - Operating voltage: 5V - 8,4V

    - Current drain: 50 mA

    - Power source: 1x 2S Lixx or 1x 5S Nixx

    - Voltage to receiver programmable from 5 to 7,4V up to 7A peak

    - Servo Matching system on channels 1,2,3 and 4 (you can program central position, end points and direction of corresponding servos)

    - Active filters for each input channel

    - Protection against short circuit for each servo output

    - Dimensions: 65x61x25mm

    - Weight 50gr

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