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    Power supply MAC16

    Our Price:  129.00€

    Power supply unit managing 16 channels from receiver and two power supply sources, ideal for applications where servos at different voltage (4,8V - 6V - 7,4V) coexist. The two indipendent power sources can have different voltage and they can be generated by two batteries or by the Double Voltage unit (cod.90010303).

    MAC16 supplies servos through two branches: the first has the voltage of power supply source number 1 and the second the voltage of supply power source number 2. So if you use, for example, one battery 4,8V and one battery 7,4V, you can install both 4,8V servos and 7,4V servos on board the same model.

    An integrated voltage regulator gives power to the receiver at the voltage of 5V; moreover, the double source of power assures redundant supply to the receiver.

    MAC16 is provided with 12 extension leads (300mm lenght) for connecting to receivers up to 12 channels. Is more channels are required, the remaining extension leads can be purchased separately.

    MAC16 is the best solution for applications with servos at different voltage, but also if servos are all of the same kind, it is a good solution for improving the safety of your model.

    Techinical details:

    -16 channels

    -32 servo outputs (16 double outputs)

    - Separated power supply for servos and receiver

    - Receiver voltage stabilised 5V 500mA

    - Protection against short-circuit for each output

    - Dimensions: 90x65x20mm

    - Weight: 55gr

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